Re-Entry Service Event

Your community needs you… Life is full of exciting ups and unfortunate downs.  It is often difficult to determine when either will occur.  For many, the downs can devastate life to a point of virtual helplessness.  You too, may need help someday.  Help us make a difference!

Pre-Lease Questions

Several important factors need to be considered before signing a lease.  You should ask: How long is the lease? How much notice is required (30 or 60 days) before moving? What is the penalty for moving out before the lease is up? Is there a security deposit for the apartment/rental unit and what is the […]

Housing Assistance

Finding a place to live will be difficult for some.  For others, there will be no choice because of the Dept of Corrections’ requirements.  Some may be mandated to a halfway house or required to return to the county where the crime was committed. If you have no restrictions on where you live, think hard […]

Job Applications

Sometimes a company’s policy may require you to fill out an application before being considered for a job.  An application allows an employer to compare you to other applicants. Read the directions carefully. Keep it as neat as possible; re-do poorly done applications, if possible. If an application is mailed to you, make a photocopy.  […]

Resume Tips

A good résumé is an important job search tool and “sells” your employment skills to a prospective employer. Tips for an Effective Résumé 1. Try to Use a Computer – There are computer programs that make it much easier to prepare your résumé.  Your local library, work force center, or “quick print” shop can help. […]

Job Search Tips

Statistics show that nearly two-thirds of all positions in the workforce are filled by “hidden” job-seeking methods.  Below are descriptions of both “traditional” and “hidden” job-seeking methods. Job-Seeking Methods Help-Wanted Ads in the Newspaper — only 15 percent of all jobs available are listed in the help wanted ads, and competition is fierce because almost […]

Tenant Rules

You have the following Responsibilities as a tenant: Your property manager can require references from you. You must pay for damages beyond normal wear and tear to your apartment. You must pay rent on time. You must follow all legal clauses in your lease. You must not disturb other tenants. You must give proper written […]

Christmas Dinner

Join us for a great dinner.

Life Skills Class

Learn the essentials to survive in life as an independent citizen.

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Find help when in need for various situations.